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Detecting Breast Cancer At An Early Stage

Early Breast Cancer Detection - Anderson Diagnostics Chennai
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November 21, 2019
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The C-word has come to be dreaded by every individual alive. Cancer is one disease that not only has no sure cure but also takes its own sweet time to be revealed. Because cancer takes such a long time to become evident, the chances of beating it are relatively low. That said, there is some good news. A few cancers can be detected at an early stage using blood test pathology, check-ups and self-care. One of these is breast cancer.
With this article Anderson Diagnostics hopes to shed the stigma and taboo surrounding breast cancer. Furthermore, we want to raise awareness on the number of ways breast cancer can be detected as early as Stage 1.

Pathology Services That Help Detect Breast Cancer

Generally, it is during the later stages that cancer cells start multiplying rapidly, and the symptoms become visible. During the first stage, the symptoms of cancer are absolutely muted. There are no alarm bells or warning signs of the disease, which makes treating it all the more difficult because the chances of curing cancer are best when it is caught at an early point.
Breast cancer is a little different. Even at stage 2, a person may experience:

  • Changes
  • Nausea
  • Fatigue
  • Pain

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This irregularity and some effort on the individual’s part increase the chances of catching breast cancer right when it begins. There are several techniques that can pinpoint the presence of breast cancer.

  • The most common method of finding breast cancer is self-examination. Every woman who is above the age of 35 should practice self-examination. When searching, look for lumps in the breasts or leakage. If either of the two are present or there is pain, it is advised to seek out a clinical examination. The method is entirely cost-free and takes almost no time. The only condition here is to know the difference between a healthy breast and one that has a tumour.
  • Mammogram Test for Breast Cancer DiagnosisWhile self-examination is one way to catch breast cancer early, a blood test is another. It is a non-invasive test that can be done once a year. The frequency of the blood test will depend upon the risk to the individual. If they have a history of cancer in their family or are chain smokers, then the blood pathology service will be required once every quarter. In case the cancer blood test comes positive, a diagnostic imaging test should be conducted.
  • A mammogram is one more method to combating cancer. Any woman between the ages of 40 and 45, is advised to get one done annually. For those between 45 to 55, a mammogram is mandatory every year. If you have crossed the 55 mark, a mammogram screening is only needed every other year.

Awareness, self-care and attention are your arsenal of weapons against cancer. Wield them like a pro. Not just for you but also those near and dear to you. There is no pain involved in early detection tests, so why not take them and rest easy.
The number of cancer patients is continually rising in Chennai. As a pathology services provider in the metropolitan, we know the reality. We urge every citizen in Chennai, especially women, to use these breast cancer techniques. It is one of the cancers that has a positive chance of treatment if detected early. In case you are not comfortable with self-examination or are unsure of the procedure, please visit the nearest Anderson diagnostic centre for a blood test.

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