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Poster of Anderson diagnostics & Labs depicting a pregnant woman with a smiling face watching her fetus in XraysHow Safe Are X-Rays & Imaging Tests During Pregnancy
October 5, 2021 / By Anderson Team
Everyone tells you to be extra safe when you are pregnant. Even if nobody does, you are naturally more cautious because your instinct tells you to be so. However, there might come a time when you may experience illness or injuries that call for x-rays and imaging tests. If it is a musculoskeletal injury, your […]
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Doctor standing near the x ray scan machine and holding X ray reportNo, X-Rays Are Not Harmful! Here Are Some Facts To Prove It
March 20, 2020 / By Anderson Team
Doctors and healthcare practitioners have been using X-rays for over a century to diagnose patients. As of today, they are the most powerful tools doctors have around the world to find out what is wrong with a person’s health.
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