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The Best Diagnostic Centre in Hyderabad

Anderson Diagnostic Services Private Limited established itself as one of the top diagnostic centres since its inception in 2008 in the city of Chennai. The branch in Hyderabad was established one year ago to serve customers within and around the area. Anderson Diagnostics in Madurai is a state-of-the-art centre and uses only the latest modern diagnostic equipment available in the market. Every customer is treated with high priority from the very first step they take in the centre. The professionally qualified and well experienced team will guide the customers through the different diagnostic services available.
The different services provided by this master class diagnostics centre include:
vector image of HIV test
HIV test
vector image of Barium and Colour doppler test
Barium & Colour Doppler Test
vector image of endoscopy
Endoscopy Test
vector image og MRI Scan
MRI scan
vector image of PET and CT Scan
PET & CT Scan
vector image of NCV and stress test
NCV & Stress Test
vector image of 2d Echo test
2D Echo Test
vector image of Audiometry test
Audiometry Test
vector image of ECG,EEG and EMG test
vector image of ultrasound
Ultrasound / Sonography Test

All tests and examinations are carried out in private screening rooms to offer privacy to the customers. You can book an appointment over the phone to reduce waiting time by calling: +91 78248 06946. The test reports are delivered in the shortest time possible for the convenience of the customers. Anderson Diagnostics, Hyderabad accept Cash, Visa Card, Mastercard, Cheques, Debit Cards and all Credit Cards. The Centre is open from 00:00 – 23:59.

Get Your Master Health Check-up Done At The Best Centre In Hyderabad

Anderson Diagnostic offers a comprehensive master health check-up packages to the customers. These packages range from a master check-up of major organs, a full body check-up, a fitness check-up and so on. You can also customize these packages as per your convenience. With the onset of different life threatening lifestyle diseases, it has become crucial to get health check-ups done routinely to avoid any unnecessary health scares in the future.

Some of the tests included in the master health check-up package include Lipid Profile, Post Prandial Sugar test for the heart, TSH, CBC, routine Urine test SGPT, SGOT, Total Bilirubin check-up for the liver, and so on. This can help narrow down any health condition a customer might be walking about unknowingly with.

Anderson Diagnostics has several tie-ups with the top hospitals in Hyderabad in order to provide top-class medical facilities to all of its customers. You can avail the full body check-ups services at any one of the seven branches across India at affordable rates. Anderson Diagnostics is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Preventive Healthcare Service Provider making it a favourite among the medical community within the city.

Since the time of establishment, Anderson Diagnostic has lodged a firm hold in the industry by offering customer satisfaction and top quality service every single day. This has led Anderson Diagnostic to have a large customer database that continues to grow ever since 2008. Ensure your future health by getting routine health check-up done at Anderson Diagnostics. As a leading establishment in Hyderabad, Anderson Diagnostics has been catering to people from all walks of life.

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