Our People

Dr. Anand.K

MDRD Promoter and Managing Director

Dr. Anand Krishnamoorthy is a fully qualified clinical Radiologist with an experience of 12 years. He has a Master’s Degree in Radiology from the Madras Medical College under the Dr MGR Medical University. Dr. Anand.K is the Promoter and Managing Director in Anderson and is primarily responsible for implementation of overall development strategies and expansion programs. He is a Director of Maruti Hospitals, Trichy.

Dr. Srinivasaraman.G

DMRD, DNB Director

Dr. Srinivasaraman.G is a clinical Radiologist with an experience of 12 years with special focus in Onco Imaging. He is an Alumnus of Madras Medical college, and has so far published five clinical research articles. He is the Director of Strategy and Operations in Anderson.

Dr. Suriyakumar.G

MD, DNB Director

Dr. Suriyakumar.G is a fully qualified clinical Radiologist with an experience of 12 years. He has a Master’s degree in Medical Radio diagnosis from the Gujarat Medical College and a Master’s Degree from the Diplomate National Board. He is a whole-time director and is primarily responsible for the Project management and administration. He has published four clinical research articles in various leading journals.


About Us

Trying to make medical technology accessible to the public, Anderson Diagnostics & Labs is a physician driven enterprise in Chennai since 2008 providing complete imaging solutions and speciality laboratory services under one roof. Anderson brings cutting-edge technology in clinical diagnostics with the aim to improving healthcare outcomes.

Anderson diagnostics focuses on Oncology, Theranostics Clinical Genetics and Foetal medicine. A team of specialist Radiologists, Pathologists, Biochemists, and Microbiologists deploy high end diagnostic equipment spread over 20,000 sq feet.

We provide preventive Oncology services, with an emphasis on Screening and prevention of Breast and Cervical Cancer. We have so far screened 3000 women for cancer of the Cervix, and 9000 women for breast Cancer. We were the first to introduce 3D biopsy imaging for digital mammograms that now allows definitive diagnosis of hitherto suspicious borderline breast conditions.