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Digital Mammography
Screening Mammograms
Diagnostic Mammograms
Mammogram Screening Test Machine and monitoring screen displayed
  • Digital Mammography (digital breast tomosynthesis) is one in which a 3D image of the breast is taken with the help of x-rays.
  • Images of the breast are taken from various angles to come up with a detailed 3D image.
  • Digital mammograms might take a few more seconds than the 2D mammogram.
  • This is because, in 3D, more images are taken. In mammography, a special medical imaging tool that uses a low dose of x-rays is used to view the insides of breasts.
  • Mammogram plays a crucial role in detecting and diagnosing breast diseases at an early stage itself.
Selective focus of the Mammogram snapshot of breasts of the female patient displayed on the monitor with undergoing mammogram test on the background.
  • Mammogram screening is done for women who do not experience any symptoms or signs of having breast cancer.
  • It is just a precautionary method used to examine changes in the breast if any.
  • The aim is to diagnose any symptoms or signs of cancerous growth before it becomes critical.
  • It is an early diagnosis method focused on early detection and early cure.
Radio imaging of female patient breast cancer diagnosis is displayed on the two Barco Monitors
  • Diagnostic Mammograms are used for the identification of any dubious changes in the breast.
  • Diagnostic Mammograms are used for the identification of any dubious changes in the breast.
  • The diagnostic mammogram makes use of extra images to closely diagnose the breast and come up with noteworthy observations.

Who Should Take Mammogram

Women Average Risk

Women can opt for Mammogram tests from the age of 40 and above.

An age of 45 or 50 is also highly recommended for regular mammogram tests.

Women High Risk

Women with a history of breast cancer in the family or have a history of breast lesions that were precancerous in nature should opt for mammogram tests before the age of 40.

Vector image of happy women with pink crossed ribbons supporting breast cancer.

Reasons For Breast Cancer

  • It’s In The Family
    A blood relation with a history of breast/ovarian cancer.
  • Abnormal Genes
    A blood relation with a predisposition of genes.
  • Radiation Exposure.
    Previous exposure to radiation therapy in the chest area
  • Personal History
    Previous history of breast cancer in one breast.

Why Are Mammograms Important?

  • Helps in early breast cancer detection even before it is felt.
  • Early detection leads to early diagnosis.
  • Early diagnosis helps in the quick onset of treatment.
  • Quick onset of treatment helps in early and easy cure!

Choose 30 Minutes In 2 Years For Yourself, For Early Detection & Quick Cure!

How Do Mammograms Work?

Check the do’s and don’ts before the mammogram test
Fix an appointment with your medical expert at Anderson
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Check the do’s and don’ts before the mammogram test
Vector Illustration of women standing in front of the Mammogram test machine for breast cancer screening test displayed under the black background
Visit Anderson Diagnostic Centre to take the test.
Female Technician explaining by pointing the radio imaging of mammogram test to a female patient
Discuss with your technician about the results and decide the next steps.
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Early detection leads to early cure! Let life smile back at you!

Why Should You Choose Anderson for Mammogram?

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State-Of-The-Art Technology
Anderson walks hand in hand with technological advancements to ensure that you get the accurate mammogram results in Chennai, anytime, every time!
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Secure & Safe
The entire process is fast, reliable and safe! All the diagnostic results and images are securely saved for future use. So, no more losing of reports or images!
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One-Stop Solution
Anderson is your one-stop solution expert for all your diagnostic needs, be it for a mammogram, ultrasound or even professional medical advice!
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Experienced Professionals
At Anderson, well-experienced professional experts take care of your diagnostic treatments leaving no room for errors. We care about you the most!
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Unbeatable Accuracy!
Anderson offers you diagnostic results with unbeatable accuracy levels that ensure early detection, timely treatment, and quick cure!
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Better Experience
At Anderson, we strive to offer you a better experience by offering the best in class treatment and trained professional staffs who are every ready to assist you.

How to do Breast Cancer Self Examination?

Your breast self-exam should be done the same time every month, 7-10 days after the start of your period if menstruating. If not, use a fixed day each month
Clock Method
In the Shower
Before a Mirror
Lying Down
Performing a mammogram on a patient
One way to examine your breasts is using the clock method. Pretend your breast is a clock. Using the flat pads of your fingers, press gently but firmly in small overlapping circles. Start at 12 o’clock right below your collarbone and move towards the nipple. Do not miss an“hour”. Also, carefully examine the area between the breast and the armpit, as that area also contains breast tissue. Switch arms and repeat with the other breast.
Clock method image.
Raise one arm placing your hand behind your head. Use your right hand to examine your left breast and your left hand for your right breast. With your fingers flat and soapy, check every part of each breast using the circular motion. Gently feel for a lump or thickening.
Begin with your arms at your side and then raised above your head, looking carefully for changes in the size, shape and contour of each breast. Look for puckering, dimpling, or changes in skin texture, colour or rashes. Check your nipples for any changes, such as whether they have become pulled in.
In the shower image.
With your hand on your hip, tense and push that arm forward to make a pocket under the arm. Check this area. Repeat on the other side. Use this same method to check each breast when lying down.
Before the mirror image.
With your arm resting on a firm surface, use the same circular motion to examine the underarm and side rib cage area.
Lying down image.
You must also examine your breasts lying down. To balance your breast on your chest, place a towel or pillow under your right shoulder and place your right hand behind your head. Use your left hand to examine your right breast. Repeat on the other side.

Do’s And Don’ts Before Your Mammography

Going for a mammography scan but not sure what precautions to take? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. To ensure a safe and comfortable mammography experience, read the following tips recommended by Anderson diagnostic center in Chennai


  • Eat your food / medicines as you normally do.
  • If you use steroids / hormones, inform it beforehand to the doctor
  • Bring your previous medical reports and notes by doctors
  • Ask for a female technician. Your comfort is our priority!
  • Inform about family history or other breast cancer symptoms / risks.


  • Don’t apply perfumes / antiperspirants / spray or deodorants.
  • Don’t take the test right before / after periods. 10 days after periods will be the ideal time to take the test.
  • Don’t drink aerated drinks / or drinks with a high amount of caffeine / tea at least one week before the test.
  • Don’t wear a dress which comes in one-piece. A shirt / top will be easier to remove.
  • Don’t forget about collecting your test images and reports.

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Does mammogram cause pain?

Some people might experience slight discomfort that lasts for seconds. Perfect timing can ensure a comfortable mammogram procedure. Avoid taking mammogram tests when the breasts are tender( immediately before / after periods). One week after periods is the best time.

1. Does mammogram cause pain?

Some people might experience slight discomfort that lasts for seconds. Perfect timing can ensure a comfortable mammogram procedure. Avoid taking mammogram tests when the breasts are tender( immediately before / after periods). One week after periods is the best time.

2. Is self-examination necessary even after a mammogram?

Yes. Always do self-examination on a regular basis especially after you have crossed 40 years of age.

3. Will the radiation used in mammograms harm me?

A very less amount of radiation is involved in a mammogram. But, the chances of it causing harm are close to nil. When we consider the benefits of the test, the benefits will certainly outweigh the risks.
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