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Stop Believing These 8 Myths About Covid19 Testing
September 19, 2021 / By Anderson Team
Believing in COVID-related myths when the world is combating a pandemic of such a horrendous scale can be a grave mistake. And, that too when the myths are about the testing measures to detect the infection! The entire world is racing to ramp up the testing procedures to deliver foolproof results. Governments that faltered initially […]
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No, X-Rays Are Not Harmful! Here Are Some Facts To Prove It
March 20, 2020 / By Anderson Team
Doctors and healthcare practitioners have been using X-rays for over a century to diagnose patients. As of today, they are the most powerful tools doctors have around the world to find out what is wrong with a person’s health.
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All You Need to Know About Gene Therapy and Genetic Counselling
February 20, 2020 / By Anderson Team
By definition, genomics is the in-depth study of the genome. The word “study” pertains to an elaborate focus on the structure, functions, and evolution of the genome.
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The Rise In Popularity of Genetics in Indian Medical Space
, January 28, 2020 / By Anderson Team
The medical field has advanced rapidly, thanks to advancements in medical technologies, assisting doctors in diagnostics and treatment of several unknown diseases. However, the human gene continues to pose different challenges to the medical fraternity with new genetic disorders being discovered. Have you observed how a healthy baby, crossing all the infant developmental milestones without […]
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New Born Screening: Frequently Asked Questions Answered
December 12, 2019 / By Anderson Team
Just like genes impact the colour of our hair or eyes, they affect some congenital disabilities and disorders. Using new born screening, conducted during the 1st and 2nd trimester, one can evaluate the risk of defects and genetic disorders in an unborn baby. A diagnostic centre in Chennai can determine, through the tests, if a […]
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Detecting Breast Cancer At An Early Stage
November 21, 2019 / By Anderson Team
The C-word has come to be dreaded by every individual alive. Cancer is one disease that not only has no sure cure but also takes its own sweet time to be revealed. Because cancer takes such a long time to become evident, the chances of beating it are relatively low. That said, there is some […]
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Understand the difference between a CT scan, PET and MRI
October 23, 2019 / By Anderson Team
CT Scans and MRI can play a crucial role when it comes to diagnosing health issues at the right time in the right way. MRIs and CT scans are utilized to take images within the body. The significant difference between the two is that MRI, or magnetic resonance imaging utilizes radio waves, and computed tomography […]
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The One O One On MRI Scans Every Person Should Know
September 20, 2019 / By Anderson Team
As one of the best labs in Chennai, we are often asked what MRI is and why do we need to get it done. In this brief article, we hope to lay rest to both the question and give much-needed awareness to all citizens of Chennai and beyond. What Does The MRI At Anderson PET […]
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