Unravelling Genetic Factors in Male and Female Infertility
July 9, 2023 / By Anderson Team
According to a National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD) study, infertility is a multifactorial illness that impacts 15% of couples of reproductive age. Both male and female factors contribute to infertility. Infertility is the inability to commence or sustain a pregnancy with a year of sexual activity without contraception. However, there are […]
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How the Dexa Scan Helps in Weight Loss & Fitness Planning
June 29, 2023 / By Anderson Team
When it comes to fitness, at times your doctor or fitness advisor may ask you to measure your body fat. Make sure you pay attention to the fact that this is not your weight in kilograms or pounds but your body fat percentage. Your body weight cannot be measured with your bathroom scale because it […]
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The Key to a Healthy Future: Preventive Health Check-ups
June 15, 2023 / By Anderson Team
Focusing on our well-being and adopting proactive measures to maintain good health must be our priority. Regular preventive health examinations are crucial for achieving this goal. These examinations are essential for early diagnosis and treatment. This helps nip potential health issues in the bud and prevent them from escalating into more severe conditions. Whether you […]
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Whole-body CT Scan: A Technical Marvel in the Medical World
May 15, 2023 / By Anderson Team
The whole-body CT scan is truly a blessing in the new age of medicine. The technology allows us to look inside the human body without making the slightest incision or causing any pain. The main aim of using Computed Tomography or CT scan to screen the whole body from the chin to below the hips […]
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The Biopsy Guidebook: Types, Why You Need It & What to Expect
April 20, 2023 / By Anderson Team
In medical diagnosis, the term “Biopsy” may incite fear, panic, and uncertainty in people’s minds. Also, the biopsy test cost might be another reason to get concerned about. However, there is no need for any worry. A biopsy is a medical diagnostic procedure performed to establish or eliminate the possibility of specific health conditions based […]
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MRI Scan- Definition & Methodology
March 15, 2023 / By Anderson Team
Childhood is bliss! The innocence, playfulness and sheer joy that one feels as a child are seldom felt again. All this playfulness is also accompanied by frequent injuries on the playground or at school. Unfortunately, some of these injuries may turn out to be serious, and your kid may need an MRI test taken at […]
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Peek-A-Boo! Your Guide to the 12-Week Ultrasound
February 15, 2023 / By Anderson Team
There are numerous turning points in one's life. One of the most exciting parts of being pregnant is finding out that you will be a parent and seeing images of your unborn child for the first time through an ultrasound. In addition to a positive pregnancy test and severe morning sickness, the first ultrasound, typically […]
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COVID-19 Travel Testing: The Ultimate Guide
January 15, 2023 / By Anderson Team
COVID-19 is a dangerous respiratory disease that spreads easily and in order to tackle it early testing and diagnosis have always been the first and most important step. Early testing helps identify infected people, treat them quickly, and prevent disease spread. Quite obviously, travellers from one part of the country or world need to get […]
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Thyroid Function Tests: Procedure, Types, and Results
December 22, 2022 / By Anderson Team
Tests done to measure the functionality of the thyroid gland is known as thyroid function test. The thyroid gland is located right at the front of the neck in its lower region. It is used to regulate various body functions like energy generation, mood, and body metabolism. Anderson Diagnostics is the best diagnostic centre in […]
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