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Women’s Wellness Examination: Prioritising Your Reproductive Health
September 15, 2022 / By Anderson Team
A wellness visit or exam is a comprehensive check-up that helps women maintain reproductive health and make informed reproductive health decisions. It includes health screenings for the breast and pelvic region, blood work, vaccinations and counselling sessions on topics related to sexual health. Here’s What Happens Wellness exams are personal to each woman. They depend […]
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Understanding Health Screening
August 25, 2022 / By Anderson Team
Health Screenings and Their Role in Promoting Good Health Preventive health care is the most effective defence against many diseases. It helps you maintain a better quality of living because of the number of illnesses, treatments, and side effects you do away with. Health screening is a major aspect of preventive health care that helps […]
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Role of PET Scans in Reducing the Cost of Cancer Treatment
August 1, 2022 / By Anderson Team
PET CT actually reduces the cost of Cancer Treatment in many situations TL;DR - PET Scans have redefined the diagnostic algorithms of cancer care and treatment. Over the years, PET’s diagnostic effectiveness has been evidenced in many clinical scenarios. But its cost-effectiveness is one that has not been adequately demonstrated. Several interesting research-backed studies have […]
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All You Need to Know About First Trimester Tests During Pregnancy
June 17, 2022 / By Anderson Team
First trimester tests during pregnancy are called prenatal screening tests. It helps to detect the abnormalities and understand growth status of a baby in the womb. A few abnormalities that can be detected through early screening in an unborn foetus are chromosomal and genetic disorders like Edwards Syndrome and Down's Syndrome.A few other scans that […]
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A Deep Insight on What to Expect From an Anomaly Scan
May 25, 2022 / By Anderson Team
As per the findings of the WHO nearly 24,000 newborns die every year worldwide due to congenital disabilities. One should never underestimate these birth defects as they can contribute to permanent and irreversible disabilities. Such long-term health problems have a major impact on parents, societies, and healthcare systems. In order to prevent such disasters from […]
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An Overview of Ovarian Cysts & Imaging Tests
April 15, 2022 / By Anderson Team
Do you know that nearly 10 to 100 women suffer from ovarian cysts? These are small sacs containing fluid that develop either inside or on the ovary. It is common for most women to get benign ovarian tumours or ovarian cysts during their reproductive phase. Ovarian cysts normally form as a part of the menstrual […]
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Say Goodbye to Breast Cancer with Surgery & Therapies
March 20, 2022 / By Anderson Team
Surgery for Breast Cancer: A Promising Solution In 2020, nearly 2.3 million women were diagnosed with breast cancer globally. The same year, more than 6,85,000 women lost their lives to the world's most prevalent form of cancer. Despite the grim facts, breast cancer is also one of the types of cancer that's easily treatable, provided […]
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Patient Anxiety- A Challenge For Every Imaging Technologist
, February 15, 2022 / By Anderson Team
Having diagnostic imaging done might not be everyone's cup of tea. At least five out of ten people experience panic and anxiety before, during, and after the procedure. Even something as simple and painless as a CT Scan may trigger unwanted fear and anxiety in many patients. This fear mostly stems from: Uncertainty about the […]
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