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Young scientists conducting genetic testing for new diseases detection in a medical laboratory using a microscope.Genetic Testing for Disease Detection: Decoding the Benefits
March 18, 2024 / By Anderson Team
Imagine unlocking the secrets in your DNA, revealing the various health conditions you may face. Which ailments can genetic testing uncover? A vast range, from inherited cancers to heart issues and more. This technique reveals your genetic risks, especially if you have a family history. Thanks to innovations like Next Generation Sequencing, you now have […]
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A vector illustration of a sonographer scanning and examining pregnant woman illustrates the prenatal screening in pregnancy.Decoding Prenatal Testing: Your Guide to Pregnancy Tests & Implications
October 15, 2023 / By Anderson Team
Welcome to the crucial topic of prenatal genetic testing, a vital part of modern pregnancy care. The journey to parenthood can be both exciting and nerve-wracking, especially when thinking about your unborn child's health. This article aims to be your helper. It will provide insight into why we do these screenings, how we conduct them, […]
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Female fertility on wooden cubes illustrates the genetic factors in male and female infertility.Unravelling Genetic Factors in Male and Female Infertility
July 9, 2023 / By Anderson Team
According to a National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD) study, infertility is a multifactorial illness that impacts 15% of couples of reproductive age. Both male and female factors contribute to infertility. Infertility is the inability to commence or sustain a pregnancy with a year of sexual activity without contraception. However, there are […]
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An image of DNA depicting the pros and cons of genetic testing.Analysing the Pros & Cons of Genetic Testing
November 2, 2021 / By Anderson Team
In recent years there has been a dramatic hike in gene testing. You also might have come across your kith and kin who has had their genes tested within a year or so. If you go down your memory lane a decade back, you would have certainly not heard of it. So, are you wondering […]
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DNA ResearchAll You Need to Know About Gene Therapy and Genetic Counselling
February 20, 2020 / By Anderson Team
By definition, genomics is the in-depth study of the genome. The word “study” pertains to an elaborate focus on the structure, functions, and evolution of the genome.
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DNA Testing - The popularity of genetics in Indian medical spaceThe Rise In Popularity of Genetics in Indian Medical Space
January 28, 2020 / By Anderson Team
The medical field has advanced rapidly, thanks to advancements in medical technologies, assisting doctors in diagnostics and treatment of several unknown diseases. However, the human gene continues to pose different challenges to the medical fraternity with new genetic disorders being discovered. Have you observed how a healthy baby, crossing all the infant developmental milestones without […]
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October 24, 2018 / By Anderson Team
Genetic testing has been on trend for some years now.PGT-M (PGD) or the Preimplantation Genetic Testingalong with IVF helps in successful completion of pregnancies.But apart from the scientific outlook , there is a moralist side to it which questions whether people should be given the right to remove any abnormal embryo. Also the ethicists asks […]
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September 24, 2018 / By Anderson Team
Children are the bond that build love and happiness in a family. The relationship of a couple is taken to the next level when they become parents. Infertility is considered to be next epidemic now. There are many reasons such as health issues,family issues,food habits and last not the least the genetic issues.In such cases […]
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