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COVID-19 Travel Testing: The Ultimate GuideCOVID-19 Travel Testing: The Ultimate Guide
January 15, 2023 / By Anderson Team
COVID-19 is a dangerous respiratory disease that spreads easily and in order to tackle it early testing and diagnosis have always been the first and most important step. Early testing helps identify infected people, treat them quickly, and prevent disease spread. Quite obviously, travellers from one part of the country or world need to get […]
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A three dimensional rendering of the COVID19 Viruses against a cloudy background in the right section and the text OMICRON: The Big Facts You Need to Know in black at left centre with Anderson Diagnostics & Labs at the top left cornerOmicron Variant: The Big Facts You Need to Know
January 20, 2022 / By Anderson Team
In late November 2021, scientists in South Africa raised the alarm on a new strain of the SARS-CoV-2 virus tagged as B.1.1.529. The new strain showed more than 50 mutations, including 32 on the spike protein and 26 of which were not found in other strains. WHO named the mutant Omicron and designated it as […]
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A gloved hand holding a vial of blood marked for COVID testing in a pleasing blue background on the right side with the text The list of testing options to diagnose' in bold and darker blue and the text covid19 in burnt orange with Anderson Diagnostics lab log placed in top left cornerThe List of Testing Options to Diagnose Covid-19
December 7, 2021 / By Anderson Team
The latest Covid-19 update indicates a tremendous spike in infections, thanks to the Omicron variant. Safety protocols are back in full swing, as experts warn about adhering to wearing masks, sanitising hands, and maintaining social distancing. However, it is also important to remember that prompt testing is also one of the effective ways to control […]
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With his index finger pointing at the poster of Anderson Diagnostics, a man wearing PPE Kit emphasizes that myths regarding Covid 19 need to be dispelled.Stop Believing These 8 Myths About Covid19 Testing
September 19, 2021 / By Anderson Team
Believing in COVID-related myths when the world is combating a pandemic of such a horrendous scale can be a grave mistake. And, that too when the myths are about the testing measures to detect the infection! The entire world is racing to ramp up the testing procedures to deliver foolproof results. Governments that faltered initially […]
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