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A double exposure image of man using digital imae of human heart holographic scan projection illustrates cardiac PET/CT scan.Cardiac PET Scan Explained- Insights into Your Heart Health
April 29, 2024 / By Anderson Team
Embarking on a journey toward better heart health may lead you to an important tool—the cardiac PET scan. As you learn about the process, you will discover the steps and prep needed for sharp results, giving you the certainty you need as you head into your PET/CT Scan. Understanding Cardiac PET Scans- A Noninvasive Imaging […]
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A radiographer is operating a CT scanner for a female patient.Whole-body CT Scan: A Technical Marvel in the Medical World
May 15, 2023 / By Anderson Team
The whole-body CT scan is truly a blessing in the new age of medicine. The technology allows us to look inside the human body without making the slightest incision or causing any pain. The main aim of using Computed Tomography or CT scan to screen the whole body from the chin to below the hips […]
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PET CT scanscanner in diagnostic laboratory.Role of PET Scans in Reducing the Cost of Cancer Treatment
August 1, 2022 / By Anderson Team
PET CT actually reduces the cost of Cancer Treatment in many situations TL;DR - PET Scans have redefined the diagnostic algorithms of cancer care and treatment. Over the years, PET’s diagnostic effectiveness has been evidenced in many clinical scenarios. But its cost-effectiveness is one that has not been adequately demonstrated. Several interesting research-backed studies have […]
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Understand the difference between a CT scan, PET and MRIUnderstand the difference between a CT scan, PET and MRI
October 23, 2019 / By Anderson Team
CT Scans and MRI can play a crucial role when it comes to diagnosing health issues at the right time in the right way. MRIs and CT scans are utilized to take images within the body. The significant difference between the two is that MRI, or magnetic resonance imaging utilizes radio waves, and computed tomography […]
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An image of a PET Scan machine with the text 'Preperation tips for PET scan'.Preparation Tips For PET Scan!
August 17, 2019 / By Anderson Team
Tips For Preparation Prior To PET Scan Test At Chennai PET scan is the short form for the Positron emission tomography Test which is a diagnostic body imaging test used for determining how the internal body organs are performing. This is performed by detecting the radiation due to particles emitted from a substance which is […]
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A banner image for 'PET detecting heart diseases'.PET Scan- Know How Healthy Your Heart Is!
April 20, 2019 / By Anderson Team
With the increasing lifestyle changes, incidents of heart disease reports are also on the rise. Heart diseases can be life threatening if not detected on time. Timely detection and treatment can play a crucial role in the cure of heart disease. When it comes to timely detection, PET scans can be the ideal choice. Leading […]
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A vector banner image for 'Everything You Want To Know About PET Scans!'.Everything You Want To Know About PET Scans!
March 20, 2019 / By Anderson Team
A PET scan is one of modern medicine’s most useful and effective imaging technologies. It plays a crucial role in the detection and diagnosis of many disorders and diseases in the human body. Find Out What A PET Scan Test at Chennai Entails! PET stands for Positron Emission Tomography. As the name suggests, these scans […]
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A vector banner image for 'Things You Should Know About PET Scan'.Things You Should Know About PET Scan
August 25, 2018 / By Anderson Team
A PET scan is an imaging technique that shows the actual functioning of the organs and tissues in the body. This scan uses a tracer which is nothing but a radioactive drug to scan the activity. A scan using this test can find diseases that are not seen in other imaging techniques. How does a […]
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