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Role of PET Scans in Reducing the Cost of Cancer Treatment

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Anderson Team
August 1, 2022
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PET CT actually reduces the cost of Cancer Treatment in many situations

TL;DR - PET Scans have redefined the diagnostic algorithms of cancer care and treatment. Over the years, PET’s diagnostic effectiveness has been evidenced in many clinical scenarios. But its cost-effectiveness is one that has not been adequately demonstrated. Several interesting research-backed studies have surfaced recently that validate that PET scans can reduce cancer treatment costs significantly.

PETCT has evolved over the last 20 years to become an important diagnostic scan for detecting, staging and assessing treatment response in many types of cancer.

It is undeniable that PET scans are effective in detecting cancer. However, the common perception is that PET is a costly procedure. Research, however, points otherwise.

The famous PLUS Trial has shown that when PETCT has been employed in correct clinical situations, the overall treatment cost is reduced because a PETCT scan helps to plan the best treatment course for each patient. This reduces unnecessary tests, surgeries or medicines.

PET CT Scan in correct clinical situations guides treatment decisions, avoids unnecessary surgery and helps plan radiotherapy or chemotherapy.

PETCTs are comparable in cost to MRIs and other similar imaging procedures in most medical facilities. In fact, the combined cost of CT of the neck, chest, and abdomen is nearly the same as a PETCT.

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While CT or MRI can detect only the size and shape of the tumour, a PETCT scan shows tumour metabolism, which helps to clinch the diagnosis.

Also, a PETCT can assess response to treatment such as chemotherapy or radiotherapy. This helps the doctor to plan further cycles of chemotherapy or radiotherapy. This helps select appropriate chemotherapy regimens

The metabolic information from a PETCT helps to select appropriate chemotherapy or radiotherapy.

It also helps to decide on further cycles of chemotherapy

In summary, existing research and medical literature prove that PET is undeniably one of the most valuable tools for diagnosing, staging, and treating a cancer patient. There could be a lot of gaps in the current knowledge around this subject. Yet, the evidence clearly points to the fact that PET has a positive role in cancer treatment, especially when it has also led to substantial cost savings in certain cases.

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