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Close-up image of a female medical expert showing mammography test results of breast cancer diagnosis to a patient.Advancements in Breast Cancer Imaging and Surgical Techniques
January 25, 2024 / By Anderson Team
Imagine a world where the fear and uncertainty of breast cancer are met with the hope and precision of advanced surgical care. That is the world we are stepping into, thanks to the remarkable advancements in breast cancer surgery. From less invasive methods to reconstructive surgery and key node checks, these changes are not just […]
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Vector of multiethnic women holding a pink ribbon symbol describing breast cancer awareness and prevention.Knowledge is Power: Understanding Breast Cancer
October 6, 2023 / By Anderson Team
Introduction Breast cancer stands as one of the prevalent cancers affecting women globally, notably those aged over 40. In fact, 1 in 8 women will face a breast cancer diagnosis in their lifetime. However, armed with knowledge and embracing early detection can significantly enhance successful treatment prospects. Understanding the intricacies of this disease is not […]
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Close up of a woman wearing a pink T-shirt with a pink ribbon in support of breast cancer awareness.Say Goodbye to Breast Cancer with Surgery & Therapies
March 20, 2022 / By Anderson Team
Surgery for Breast Cancer: A Promising Solution In 2020, nearly 2.3 million women were diagnosed with breast cancer globally. The same year, more than 6,85,000 women lost their lives to the world's most prevalent form of cancer. Despite the grim facts, breast cancer is also one of the types of cancer that's easily treatable, provided […]
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Early Breast Cancer Detection - Anderson Diagnostics ChennaiDetecting Breast Cancer At An Early Stage
November 21, 2019 / By Anderson Team
The C-word has come to be dreaded by every individual alive. Cancer is one disease that not only has no sure cure but also takes its own sweet time to be revealed. Because cancer takes such a long time to become evident, the chances of beating it are relatively low. That said, there is some […]
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A crossed pink ribbon held by a lady to show the importance of breast cancer awarenessDoes My Breast Pain Call For Breast Cancer Screening?
January 18, 2019 / By Anderson Team
Do I Need To Go For A Mammogram If My Breasts Hurt? Every woman has experienced breast pain at some point in their lives or the other - be it in early puberty or post-menopause or anytime in between. But due to alarming statistics concerning breast cancer becoming common knowledge, women undergo a lot of […]
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Women hand holding pink colour breast cancer awareness ribbonThings to know about Breast Cancer
July 19, 2018 / By Anderson Team
Patient: What test should I get done for breast cancer? Doctor: There are two types of screening tests that can help detect breast cancer in women. The first is called Mammography. It is the main test used in breast cancer detection. Since the test was invented, the number of women who die to the disease […]
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Pink colour Breast cancer awareness board with a short note that gives positive hope for patients to get cured of Breast cancer ailmentBreast Cancer In Young Patients – Understanding The Epidemic
July 11, 2018 / By Anderson Team
Why Breast Cancer Detection Is Important? Cancer is a tough journey. Not only so for the patient, but all the loved ones, dear ones and the care givers. The harrowing time becomes even more heartrending when the patient is a young woman. In this blog, the focus is on why it is important for women […]
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Women with pink breast cancer awareness ribbon supporting awareness of breast cancer.Dense Breasts & Cancer Risks - End the Confusion!
June 12, 2017 / By Anderson Team
Dense breasts mean there are less fatty tissues present in them. Less fat tissues indicate that there is more support and glandular tissues present in the breasts. For dense breasts, performing a self-breast analysis cannot reveal if there are any abnormalities.
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