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12 Types Of PET/CT Scans By Experienced Doctors

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An image of a patient getting a PET scan and a doctor checking it on the screen
This  image  shows  a PET scan machine

Accurate Detection is the key to Cure Cancer!!

What is PET / CT Scan?

PET / CT Scan ( Positron Emission Tomography and Computerized Tomography) is the standard imaging tool that can help physicians locate the exact location of cancer. It helps in early and accurate detection that enables you to take the right treatment decisions at the right time.

The PET scan is a highly sensitive tool that can easily detect the metabolic signals of cancer cells that are actively growing within a person’s body. On the other hand, a CT scan offers precise internal anatomy images that clearly points out the shape, size and location of the cancerous growth. Thus, a combination of PET-CT scan helps in detecting the stage and details of cancer more accurately than any other detection method.

12 Types of PET / CT Scan

vector image of Radiome-PET
vector image of FDG-PET-CT
vector image of Zoledronate scan
vector image of Pentixafor scan
vector image of PSMA-Scan
vector image of DOTANCO Scan
vector image of Choline scan
vector image of Fluoride scan
vector image of FAPI-scan
vector image of I131 scan
vector image of MIBG scan
vector image of RGD Scan

Our Milestones

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Wide Experience
1 lakh + patients tested/screened in 10 years (PET/CT, MRI, Mammograms)

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Largest Number Of Scans For Various Cancer Types
12 types of PET/CT Scans available.
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Largest Group Of PET / CT Testing In Chennai
Purasaiwalkam and Nungambakkam ( 2 locations)
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Experienced Senior Doctors
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Detection- Easy, Quick & Precise!
What Can A PET / CT Scan Detect?
PET / CT Scan can help detect not just one, but multiple health issues. PET / CT carefully scrutinizes the issues from a cellular level, thereby assisting the doctors in making the right diagnosis.
vector image of cancer cell
Throat Cancer, Abdominal Cancer,Anal Cancer, Bladder Cancer,Blood Cancer, Breast Cancer.
vector image of Heart disease
Heart Diseases
Coronary Artery Diseases, Heart Damage After Heart Attack.
vector image of brain disorder
Brain Disorders
Brain Tumors, Memory Disorders, Seizures.
Advantages of PET/CT in Anderson
A nurse getting a patient ready for a PET scan
  • Pilot Film
    For easy tumor discussions
  • Data Archival
    Long term full image storage, for future comparison and treatment planning
    Standard method of planning for Tumor treatment and follow up
  • Multi-Modality Registration
    Fusion of MRI / CT / PET / Nuclear Medicine Images for tumor analysis
    Special post-processing for radiotherapy planning
  • Radiome PET/CT
    Futuristic AI Powered PET/CT

How Much Does a PET Scan Cost in Chennai?

A PET CT scan cost in Chennai is a bit on the high end, especially if it is a full-body scan. The exact cost depends on factors like location in the city, laboratory, hospital and kind of scan. On average, the price range of a PET scan is INR 10,000 to INR 40,000. A PET brain scan costs about INR 15,000, while cardiac PET costs as much as INR 20,000.

PET CT actually reduces the cost of Cancer Treatment in many situations
- Read more about this topic

Why Is PET CT Scan Cost in Chennai High?

The cost of setting up a PET CT scan equipment in Chennai is over INR 10 Crore. Most of the expense is the price of the machine, but the need for a nuclear medicine expert, a radiologist and other trained staff also increases the cost of operating a PET scan machine. Even the tracer a PET CT scan uses is not cheap. It costs somewhere between INR 2,000 to 3,000.
The doctor checking PET scans and reports in the monitor

How To Book a PET/CT Scan in Anderson

The doctor explains how PET scans work and how much they cost
Contact Our Help Desk.
Send prescription, a report by WhatsApp and email
Send Prescription By Whatsapp/ Email.
From the 12 available scans,  Anderson Diagnosticerecommend  the best PET/CT scan  for you .
We recommend you the best PET/CT scan from the 12 scans available.
They provide instructions about the scan and its cost
We provide instructions about the scan. The scan costs vary from Rs.10,000 – Rs.20,000.
Reports are sent the same day or the next day depending on the  type of  PET/CT scan
You get the reports on the same day or the next day depending on the PET/CT scan type chosen.

Cancer Susceptibility Rates in India

Cancer Statistics To Keep An Eye Out For!
  • Estimated Number Of Living People With The Disease- 2.25 Million.
  • New Cancer Patients Registered Every Year- 11,57,294 + lakhs.
  • Deaths Due To Cancer- 7,84,821.
  • Cancer Risk Before The Age Of 75 – 9.81% (Males), 9.42% (Females).
Estimated mortality due to cancer in India In 2022
Men 28.85% 4,21,558
Women 26.48% 3,87,000
Total 55.33% 8,08,558

How PET / CT Scan Helps Cure Cancer

The most common use of PET / CT is in the detection of cancer and the evaluation of cancer treatment. Your doctor may use a PET / CT scan to:
  • Diagnoses cancer accurately.
  • Detects the size and spread of cancer (Stage of cancer).
  • Determines whether you need surgery to remove the cancer.
  • Decides which is the best treatment method to be followed.
  • Keeps a tab on whether cancer makes a comeback.
  • Helps to plan the radiotherapy treatment.
Studies prove that the top five cancers account for about 47.2% of cancer in both men and women. These cancers can be easily cured/prevented if they are detected early, diagnosed correctly and treated during the early stages Thus, early and accurate detection has the potential to significantly lower cancer-related deaths.

How Does A PET / CT Scan Work?

  • The doctor injects a radiotracer in your vein. It can also be injected directly to the organ, taken it by mouth or breathed in.
  • The radiotracer will take 30-90 minutes to reach the target (Time varies according to the organ).
  • The organs and tissues will absorb the tracer. As the cancer cells have greater energy, they absorb the tracer more. Hence, they will be highlighted as brighter spots in the scan.
  • The patient has to stay still without talking. Some patients will be given medicines to help them relax.
  • After the patient gets ready, they will be taken to the scanning room and will be asked to lie down on a cushioned scanning table.
  • The table slowly slides inside a large hole, and the patient will be surrounded by the machine. The patient will have to stay as calm as possible during the scan.
  • The machine takes images. Depending on the organ tested, the time can vary up to 30 minutes.
  • The scan is not painful. In case the patient feels any discomfort, they can alert the staff by pressing the buzzer.
  • The entire scanning procedure is completed within 2 hours. The patient can go home immediately after the scan.
Image of PET Scan
Image of PET Scan

General Precautions To Be Followed

Extra care has to be taken before PET / CT scan if you have the following conditions:
  • Previous history of severe allergic reactions.
  • Any recent sickness or any health issues like diabetes.
  • Taking medicines, herbal supplements or vitamins.
  • Pregnant or chances of getting pregnant.
  • Breastfeeding mother.
  • Claustrophobic (Fear of enclosed areas).

Does PET / CT Scan Have Any Side Effects?

  • PET / CT scan is an entirely safe and secure routine procedure followed for all types of cancer detection.
  • PET / CT scan is successfully done over a million times all over the world without even a slight complication.
  • You can resume your normal activities soon after the scan unless your doctor restricts you from the same.
  • There are no side effects, and you will not feel any difference after the scan.

Do’s and Don’ts for PET / CT Scan


  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Avoid the use of caffeine at least 24 hrs prior to the scan.
  • Inform the doctor or technician about any medications, herbal supplements or vitamins you take.
  • Provide a list of recent illnesses, allergies and other health conditions to the doctor.
  • Wear a gown or loose clothing.


  • Don’t consume any food 4 to 6 hours before the scan.
  • Don’t wear any hearing aids or dental work that can't be removed.
  • Don’t drink any liquid with sugar or calorie content quite a few hours before the scan.
  • Don’t wear any metal objects (watches, belt, hairpins, jewellery, dentures,glasses) during the scan.
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