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Knowledge is Power: Understanding Breast Cancer

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October 6, 2023
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Breast cancer stands as one of the prevalent cancers affecting women globally, notably those aged over 40. In fact, 1 in 8 women will face a breast cancer diagnosis in their lifetime. However, armed with knowledge and embracing early detection can significantly enhance successful treatment prospects. Understanding the intricacies of this disease is not just essential for women but also for men to advise and care for the important women in their lives. Remember, awareness is your pathway to prevention.

Importance of Early Detection

Higher Survival Rates

For those detected with early-stage breast cancer, the survival rate can surpass 90%.

More Treatment Options

Early detection avails a broader variety of less aggressive treatment alternatives.

Reduced Treatment Cost

Tackling the disease in its initial stages generally reduces the financial strain associated with the treatment of advanced stages.

Discover how early detection of breast cancer can save lives.

How to Detect Breast Cancer


Monthly self-examinations can be a crucial personal tool. Be vigilant about any changes in the breast size, shape, and color, and promptly report any lumps or unusual pains.

Clinical Examination

Ensure to undergo a clinical breast exam performed by a healthcare provider at least annually.

Imaging Tests

Regular screenings using mammograms, including advanced Digital mammograms, are recommended. Other supplementary tests such as ultrasound or MRI might be advised depending on individual risk assessments.

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Understanding Digital Mammogram

Digital mammography, an FDA-approved innovative technology, offers more precise images compared to its traditional counterpart, ensuring accuracy and reducing false alarms.

Comfortable Breeze Method

At Anderson Diagnostics, we prioritize your comfort during the procedure. Our Digital mammograms utilize the comfortable breeze method, guaranteeing a gentle yet effective process, allowing for improved focus and superior accuracy in results.

The Mammogram Procedure


  • Apparel: Wear comfortable clothing.
  • Hair: Ensure your hair is tied back to facilitate a hassle-free experience.
  • Mental Preparation: Stay calm and relaxed.

On Arrival

  • Timing: Arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment to complete necessary paperwork.
  • Consultation: Engage with the doctor regarding any previous scans or concerns.

The Test

  • Changing: You'll be guided to a changing room where you'll be provided with a coat.
  • Scanning: The test involves a series of scans where your breasts will be gently compressed to attain clear images. This occurs in a series of stages for comprehensive coverage.
  • Duration: Each test, including ultrasound, takes no more than 15 minutes, promising a quick yet thorough examination.

Post Test

  • Result Timing: Your results will be ready within an hour, alleviating prolonged suspense.

Recommendations and Advice

  • Frequency: If there is no family history of breast cancer, it is recommended to have a mammogram once every two years. For those with a family history, annual tests are advised.
  • Period Consideration: Avoid scheduling the mammogram during periods as the breast texture changes during this time, potentially affecting the results.
  • Benefit: Undertaking a mammogram empowers you with the assurance of being free of concerns.

What if a Diagnosis Indicates Cancer?

Stay calm; nearly all early-stage cancers are curable without resorting to disfiguring surgery, allowing you to maintain your physical integrity while effectively battling the disease.


Join hands with us in the critical mission of promoting breast health. Knowledge indeed is power, and being well-informed can aid in fighting breast cancer successfully. Let’s stand united in this battle and remember that a simple test can potentially be a lifesaver. Let life smile back at you!

Call us today at Anderson Diagnostics to schedule your appointment. Remember, early detection holds the key to a healthy, happy future.

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