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September 24, 2018
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Children are the bond that build love and happiness in a family. The relationship of a couple is taken to the next level when they become parents. Infertility is considered to be next epidemic now. There are many reasons such as health issues,family issues,food habits and last not the least the genetic issues.In such cases couples seeks the help of science. IVF treatment or the In-Vitro Fertilization can go a long way in helping people while battling infertility. Some of the major disadvantages of the treatment is that it is very expensive and time consuming.But the greatest problem is that this long expensive procedures may end to be fruitless due to genetic issues.

The modern technology has found an answer to all these problems.Those who are taking these fertility treatment should opt for Genetic Screening.Because IVF treatment without genetic screening may not be successful.

Some of the reasons for failure in IVF treatment are:

  • Seventy percentage of miscarriages in early pregnancies are due to undetected chromosomal abnormalities.
  • There is a twenty-five percentage chance of chromosomal abnormalities when women reaches in their early thirties.
  • The risk factor increases as the age increases. Women above 40 years have greater risk as about half of the embryos produced by them are abnormal.
  • Even those who have had successful implantation, often result in miscarriage during the first semester due to abnormal embryos.
  • Severe Male infertility.

The fertility specialists have turned to genetic screening to increase the success rate of IVF.One of the methods used for this process PGT-A (PGS) or the Pre-implantation Genetic Screening.This method helps in implanting the most viable and healthy embryo that leads to the birth of normal healthy baby .

Even during the difficult pregnancy phase it is not easy as even normal healthy babies may be carriers of Genetic diseases.If the number of chromosomes is less or more than 46;the embryo will be abnormal.But in some cases it is already a known fact that one parent is a carrier of the genetic disease then, there is a twenty five percentage of chance that the offspring may be a carrier of genetic disorder.So the present era has turned to the revolutionary advancement in Embryology called the Assisted Reproductive Technology or the ART.

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The benefits of PGT-A (PGS) ARE -

  • To find the embryo that is most suitable for pregnancy.
  • The success rate of IVF increases by thirty percent.
  • Recommended for women who are 38 or more.
  • The cases which had previous chromosome abnormality such as Down’s
  • Syndrome,Turner Syndrome and Trisomy 13.

PGT-A (PGS) is a technology which has lead to the increase of successful pregnancies.The patients are at a safe side since their embryos are detected for all genetic disorders.PGT-A (PGS) helps them to select the healthy embryos to transfer to the uterus.PGT-A (PGS) is recommended worldwide for all women who are undertaking IVF Treatment to get maximum chance of success in their pregnancies.

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