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The One O One On MRI Scans Every Person Should Know

Know all details about MRI scans by Anderson Diagnostics
Anderson Team
September 20, 2019
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As one of the best labs in Chennai, we are often asked what MRI is and why do we need to get it done. In this brief article, we hope to lay rest to both the question and give much-needed awareness to all citizens of Chennai and beyond.

What Does The MRI At Anderson PET Scan Chennai Do?

MRI or magnetic resonance imaging is an expensive machine that offers detailed images of:

  • Internal organs of the patient
  • Soft tissues of the patient.

The medical imaging procedure utilised radio waves along with a magnetic field to literally take photos of the inside of a body. It is the scanner that prints the required images. MRI scans, done only at the best labs in Chennai, become necessary when regular X-Ray examinations fail.

How Does The MRI At Anderson PET Scan Chennai Work?

The MRI machine is a large cylinder that houses a magnet. It is this magnet that produces the potent magnetic field necessary for taking pictures. While the patient is lying still inside the MRI scan machine, an operator takes many images of the specific body part. The operator or radiographer uses varied angles to get a comprehensive image. Each picture is cross-sectional.

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Since most people grasp how "X-Rays work" we use it as an example to explain the inner workings of the MRI at Anderson PET Scan Chennai. X-Ray uses calcium to scan images. MRI scans the protons present inside water.

  • The soft tissue in every person is filled with water molecules.
  • The magnetic field of the MRI focuses radio waves on the protons. In response, the magnetised microscopic particles send an echo.
  • This echo is captured by the machine.
  • A computer decodes the echo to form an image.

Why Do The Best Labs In Chennai Emphasise On The Value Of MRI?

In very simple words, MRIs help doctors make a diagnosis. They offer vital insight into the workings of:

  • Bones
  • Muscles
  • Tissue
  • Organs

For example, if a person has been in an accident or suffered an internal injury due to some reason, an MRI scan proves to be imperative in diagnosis and treatment.

When Does Anderson PET Scan Chennai Recommend MRI?

There are many instances when a doctor or any health practitioner will advise an individual to get an MRI scan. In most cases, it is recommended when an investigation of the following is required:

  • Joint injury or disease
  • Spinal injury or disease
  • Tumours, especially in case of cancer
  • Soft tissue injuries like damaged ligaments
  • Internal organ injury or disease. This encompasses the brain, heart and digestive system.

The one circumstance MRI is not recommended is a bone injury. Water is essential to capture images through an MRI Scan. Bone tissue has an only minute amount of it. Thus, MRI cannot ‘visualise’ it. For bone injuries, an X-Ray is the better option for investigation.
There are some precautions that are compulsory before an MRI scan. Anderson emphasises them to each of our patrons.

  • Metal objects are a big no. If you have a pacemaker, rods, metal pins or any other medical device inside you, please tell the doctor. An MRI is not an option for such patients.
  • MRI and its impact on pregnancy are not known. Inform your practitioner of the condition before choosing an MRI.
  • In some MRI scans like those around the pelvic region, fasting is required. If you are advised to avoid food and liquids, please do so for at least five hours prior to the scan.
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