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What to expect during an MRI?

What to expect during an MRI?

Image of a patient undergoing an MRI scan with the text 'All about MRI Scan that every person should know'.Know all details about MRI scans by Anderson Diagnostics. It is normal to get nervous if you have an MRI scan due in the coming days. Although the machine’s visual appearance might scare you a bit, it is imperative to understand that the whole procedure is painless and simple. MRI or Magnetic resonance imaging is an important procedure that involves taking pictures of the internal organs and the skeletal system that is used by the doctors to diagnose internal injuries or anomalies. If this scares you, then you should understand the procedure in detail to anticipate the steps when you go for the actual scan. Hear from the best MRI facility of Chennai about the steps involved in MRI scanning and also on how to be prepared ahead of a scan.

What is MRI?

MRI of Magnetic Resonance Imaging is a technology that utilizes radio waves and magnetic frequencies to produce images of internal organs and the skeletal system. These create a clear image of internal body structure and help the doctors to analyze problems pertaining to ligaments, muscles, cartilage, strokes, tendons, and multiple sclerosis. MRI scans are widely used to diagnose sports-related injuries and detect eyes, ears, respiratory, brain tumours, traumatic brain injuries, and heart system issues. MRI scans usually are painless and completely a non-invasive procedure.

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Doctors recommend taking MRI scans when they suspect injuries that are not detected by an X-ray, Ultrasound, or a CT scan. MRI scans are known to pick up anatomical details of tissues that help spot specific conditions. The magnetic field inside an MRI machine realigns the hydrogen atoms in your body, and the radio waves make these atoms to create signals, which are used to make cross-sectional images. These images are then layered on top of each other to produce a clearer image. The clarity of the images is crucial to diagnose particular conditions affecting the spine, joints, structural issues in the heart, brain injuries, and tumours in the kidney or ovaries.

The MRI scan price and the scan’s importance often lead to a belief that the procedure is too tedious and painful. This stems from the fear of the unknown, which can be eliminated only by becoming aware of the procedure beforehand. Chennai is a haven to impressive MRI facilities, which are equipped with best scanners and of course, reasonable MRI scan prices.

Preparing for MRI scans

Although an MRI scan does not need tons of preparations, small diet controls before the scan and metal wearables are two crucial points that need to be watched. Here are a few points that need to be noted before going for an MRI scan.

Watch what you eat
Although there is no specific compulsion regarding the diets, pelvic and abdominal scans mostly require patients to have their food a few hours beforehand. These can improve the imagery by eliminating movements inside the gastrointestinal tracts.

Metals can disrupt clear imageries
It is mandatory to remove all your metal accessories before going for an appointment since metals can interfere with the scanning process. Hence, it is better to avoid wearing accessories like earrings, rings, glasses, or watches before the scan. You may also require to fill out a checklist that declares you do not have an artificial heart valve, cochlear implant, or pacemaker in your body. Copper IUD, which are typically harmless, are also sometimes not advised during MRI scans. It should be noted that the MRI strength of more than 3.0 Tesla has chances of affecting IUD inside the body. Heavily tattooed bodies typically contain metals and can cause small problems due to the strong magnetic influence of MRI scans.

Pregnant ladies can have ultrasound scans
While there are no concrete proofs of the magnetic field’s serious repercussions in fetuses, doctors generally advise pregnant ladies against MRI scans. They are recommended alternative scans like ultrasound or are asked to postpone MRI until their delivery.

Medications or injections
Claustrophobic patients are administered sedation to relax during the scans. Lying still is crucial to obtain a clear image. In some cases, to get a clear view, contrasting agents like gadolinium are also injected.

During the scan

You would be made to lie on the bed and advised to lay still. The machine with a thumping sound would then move around to obtain a clear image. Patients are typically provided with headphones to block out noises and are made to relax with soothing music. The whole procedure might take 30 minutes to 2 hours based on the complexities.

After the scan

There are no specific restrictions after the scan, and the patients would be advised to resume their routine activities once the procedure is over. The sedated patients would need extra care after the scan.

Hope this article steers clear of all the anxieties pertaining to MRI scans. You can now confidently proceed with your scan, relaxed.

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