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Valuable Information You Need To Know Before Finding The MRI Brain Cost In Chennai

MRI is magnetic resonance imaging which is a type of scan that provides a detailed picture of your internal organs, bones and muscles. The MRI scan makes use of radio waves, magnetic resonance and a computer system to gather a detailed image of the internal body. The doctors will find the images quite useful to identify the issue and also determine if your body is responding to the treatment. The doctors will find the MRI to diagnose the disease accurately and draw a treatment plan.

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An MRI scan can be performed in any part of the body. The doctors will need the scan report to identify signs of tumour, stroke and multiple sclerosis, arthritis, herniated discs, large joints, injuries to muscles, bones, ligaments, tumours in breast, liver. The scans will identify blocked bile ducts, structural abnormalities in heart, valve disease, dysfunction of pumping chambers. We are a leading diagnostic centre in Chennai, offering great value for the MRI brain cost. An MRI scan can cost around hundreds and sometimes even thousands depending on the type of scan, when and where it is performed.

Understand How The Scan Is Done Before Getting The MRI Brain Cost In Chennai

MRI scan works because of the powerful magnet in the scanner and the presence of protons that are like a tiny magnetic field and are sensitive to the magnetic field. The human body is made up of water molecules consisting of oxygen and hydrogen atoms. The centre of the hydrogen atom is the proton particle that will line up in the same direction as the magnetic field. The scanner will send short bursts of radio waves into certain body parts. The radio waves will knock the protons off the alignment. When the radio waves are off, the protons will realign sensing out radio signals that will be picked by the receivers.

The signals will provide the exact location of the protons. It will help to distinguish the tissues in the body. The signals from the protons in the body are combined to create a detailed image of the internal body. We give utmost care during the scan and our technicians at the scan centre in Chennai will advise patients on all the safety measures they need to take. MRI is a safe procedure which is painless and does not involve exposure to any radiation. Most people find the experience manageable. You will get the support of the radiographer in case you experience uneasiness due to claustrophobia.

In rare cases, a few patients will experience a few side effects from contrast material. The side effects include nausea, pain, and headache. Patients who are allergic to contrast material will experience itchy eyes, hives and other allergic reactions. The radio waves produced during the scan are not harmful to the body which is proved by the extensive research done on the magnetic fields.

A Few Other Interesting Facts About MRI Scans

There are a few things you need to take care of before the scan. You can eat and drink as usual unless you are advised otherwise. In some cases, you will be asked to drink large amounts of water whereas in other cases you will be asked not to eat or drink up to four hours before the scan. An MRI scan will produce strong magnetic fields that will attract metals. You must remove all metal objects from your body. This includes your mobile phones, jewellery, watch, body piercings, dentures, wigs, cochlear implants among others.

We provide special gowns to wear during the MRI scan at our centre in Chennai. In case you do not wish to wear a gown, you will have to wear a loose-fitting cloth that does not have any metal zips, buttons, fasteners, underwire, buckles and belts. MRI scan will require the administration of a contrast dye injection. Thus will make the blood vessels and tissues to show up more clearly. You need to let our staff know if you are allergic to medicines or have a history of allergic reaction or issues of blood clotting. If you are heavily claustrophobic, you can ask for a mild sedative to help you relax.

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