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Mammogram Tests: Here’s What You Need To Know!

What Is A Mammogram Test?

Breast cancer is the most prevalent cancer in women after skin cancer. It is cancer that forms in the cells of the breast. It is treatable if detected in the early stages. An initial medical diagnosis will check for the different symptoms of breast cancer. The different symptoms include a lump in the breast, change in texture or shape of the breast or nipple and sometimes blood discharge from the nipple. Regular screening will help detect cancer in its early stages. Most doctors recommend a mammogram to perform the initial screening of the breast. A mammogram is an x-ray of the breast and its tissues that effectively diagnose breast cancer.

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A mammogram is capable of identifying all the symptoms of breast cancer in its initial stages before the formation of the lumps. It helps doctors to get a closer look at the breast and the surrounding tissues to detect any abnormalities. Mammogram combined with clinical examination of the breast provides doctors with the most accurate result. We are the best diagnostic centre for mammogram test in Chennai providing the best in class amenities for all kinds of diagnostic tests.

Some Facts You Need To Know Before A Mammogram Test In Chennai

There are many apprehensions regarding mammogram screening among patients who visit our centre in Chennai. One thing we assure our patients is that it is a very secure process. It is not a very time-consuming procedure. It just takes 20 minutes of your time. A digital x-ray will allow us to view the result instantly. It is one of the best ways to detect breast cancers early on. We recommend that you dress appropriately for the test. We suggest wearing a t-shirt or a top that can be easily removed from the upper body during the test. Also, we advise people to avoid wearing a deodorant during the test. We find that deodorants hamper the test results.

You should inform us of any implants. A well-experienced technician should conduct the test on an implanted breast. A breast implant will obstruct the view of breast tissues and it has to be taken care of by an expert who can take the necessary step during the test. Cancer has to be detected early as it will produce fatalities by 25 to 30%. The best way to detect breast cancer early on is by regular check-up. A clinical exam has to be conducted before a mammogram. If there are any abnormalities the doctor will recommend for a mammogram screening to ascertain the symptoms. There are possibilities that you will get a false-positive result. The test might show the presence of an abnormal tissue that will have just 50% of being a cancerous tissue. So, you mustn’t panic if it shows an abnormal tissue. There is a good chance of the test being non-cancerous.

Breast Cancer And Mammogram Tests

A regular mammogram test plays a critical role in screening breast cancer. There is no other diagnostic procedure that is as effective as a mammogram to detect cancerous tumours early on. In the case of cancers, early detection is key to survival. A mammogram is quite effective in detecting cancerous cells even before the formation of lumps large enough to be felt in an exam. A clinical self-exam has to be done regularly at least every month. An annual breast test should be performed and ideally, a mammogram has to be performed annually. It will increase the chance of surviving breast cancer by 97% in case of the presence of cancerous tissues.

A mammogram is typically a painless procedure. It involves the compression of the breast which will cause discomfort for a while. It lasts only for a few seconds. It is good to avoid a mammogram a week before your period as the breast will be tender or swollen. A 3D and 2D digital mammogram are the two main types of screening available in our centre in Chennai. A 2D test is used to flatten the breast tissue to take an electronic image. A Digital mammogram will compress the breast and take a series of pictures to form a 3D image of the breast.

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