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Mammogram Tests: Screening And Detection

What Is A Mammogram Test?

Breast cancer is more prevalent in women than in men. It is the type of cancer that affects the cells surrounding the breast tissue. Breast cancer is a common type of cancer after skin cancer and it is ideal to perform regular screening for early detection. It is an important step towards taking care of your breast and health. A mammogram is often recommended if the doctor finds symptoms in the clinical examination. During a mammogram test, a screening mammogram is conducted to identify the area where the issue lies. A diagnostic mammogram will fetch more images around the affected area.

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A radiologist will check the images taken and will recommend more images to get a closer look. In a few cases, we recommend magnification views or spot views to get a clearer view of smaller areas. We advice most of our customers to be aware of the process and other important points before performing a mammogram. It is important you know this before finding the mammogram cost in Chennai. We are a leading diagnostic centre that offers mammogram tests for a reasonable price.

Things To Know Before A Mammogram Screening

To get screened for mammograms, you need to undress above the waist. We will provide a wrap to wear. The technologist will be with you during the mammogram who will help you position the breast on the machine’s plate for the test. The plates will flatten the breast for a few seconds as the technologist takes the images. You will have to shift position before taking the next image. Two views of each breast are screened and in case of larger breast or breast implants, more images are taken.

The entire procedure lasts for 20 minutes and the breast compression will be for a few seconds each time. We tell our patients that it is a painless procedure with little discomfort during the compression. If in case you experience, you must inform our technicians. Before getting a mammogram you must describe your issues with our technologist. Describe the changes you have seen, medical history, and surgery, use of hormones, breast cancer in the family or if you had breast cancer before. You must also let us know if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Our diagnostic centre in Chennai specializes in conducting mammograms and we do many screenings per day. It will benefit if you do your repeated screening with the same diagnostic centre as your data can be easily compared with the previous data. If you are planning to visit a new centre, then take your previous test results with you. We advise patients to avoid performing mammograms a week before your period as the breast will be swollen or tender. We also recommend patients not to wear deodorants or antiperspirants on the day of the test. It is best to wear a skirt or a pant as you need to remove the bra and top for the test.
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Preparing For A Mammogram Test

You must find an ACR-accredited diagnostic centre in Chennai that ensures quality imaging. It is always recommended that you visit such a centre as it is considered as a gold stamp of approval when it comes to imaging and radiology care. You need to find such an accredited testing centre to ensure quality care for such an important test. We are one of the diagnostic centres in Chennai with an accredited testing program. We stress the importance of mammography and breast screening and most preferable you must do it annually once you are over 40.

If you are undergoing the mammogram for the first time, you must list down your concerns and symptoms, so our technicians will keep this in mind while they take the images. If you have done mammograms previously, you must make a record if those so the technologist will have a point of reference. It is good to arrive early at the centre to complete the paperwork beforehand. It is good to be proactive with your breast cancer.

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