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A Simple Guide On Anomaly Scans From A Leading Anomaly Scan Centre In Chennai

Pregnancy can be a beautiful and amazing experience for women riddled with anxiety and confusion. We don’t know what is happening within us and how our baby is doing. We depend on doctors and different scans to determine if there is anything wrong with the baby’s health. The most important scan is the anomaly scan. An anomaly scan or TIFFA (Targeted Imaging For Fetal Anomalies) is also known as ultrasound level 2 scan. This is done during the second trimester between 18 and 20 weeks. The scan gets a closer look at your womb and the baby. The main aim of this scan is to check the growth of the baby, identify if there are development issues and see where the placenta is lying.

We are a leading anomaly scan centre in Chennai and we are well experienced in performing all kinds of diagnostic tests and scans. We ensure accurate results with the help of trained professional sonographers. The most exciting thing about the scan is that you can see your baby on the screen. We allow other family members in the scanning room. So, you can take your husband, parents or children to share the experience.

A Leading Anomaly Scan Centre In Chennai Explains Important Points About The Scan

By mid-pregnancy, most of the vital organs of the baby are already developed. A scan during this time will help identify any issues in the growth and the doctors can plan necessary precautions. The scan helps doctors to see how the baby is growing and check for movements. They can check if the internal organs are developing well and detect if there are any birth defects. The scan can estimate the quantity of amniotic fluid and check the position of the placenta and umbilical cord. The doctors can check for soft markers, cervix, blood flow to the uterus and measure the birth canal.

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At the scan centre in Chennai, we give proper advice to our patients so they come prepared for the test. For the anomaly scan, you do not have to have a full bladder as the baby is big and high enough to be visible clearly in a scan.

As you need to expose your tummy, it is better to wear loose-fitting two-piece clothing. This will be easy for the doctor to access your tummy and you don’t have to remove your dress and be more comfortable. You will have to lie on a couch. The doctor will apply a cold gel on your exposed tummy and move a probe around the stomach. You will start seeing the image of the baby on the monitor. As sound waves pass through the baby, the internal organs, features will be formed as images on the computer monitor.

The doctor will try and get many views from different angles. The baby’s image will be taken from its head to toe so the doctors will have as much information about the baby. A 3D or 4D scan will get a clear image of the baby’s face.

Importance Of Anomaly Scan

In most of the cases, we do not find any abnormalities in the scan. But if there are any abnormalities, detection at this early stage will be really helpful for the baby and the mother. It helps doctors to determine further course of action. In a few cases, we do identify severe structural abnormalities like anencephaly, skeletal dysplasia, abnormalities in the kidney. In such cases, termination of pregnancy will be the only option as these conditions are untreatable and can affect the baby’s life. In India, medical termination of pregnancy is not allowed once the fetus crosses 20 weeks. So, detection of such abnormalities at the earliest stage will allow for safe medical termination of the fetus.

At the scan centre in Chennai, we employ well-experienced sonographer who are skilled in identifying the soft markers in the fetus. Soft markers indicate chromosomal abnormalities. This includes conditions like choroid plexus cysts, echogenic focus in the heart, hypoplastic nasal bone, fetal ventriculomegaly and more. The doctors will suggest further tests so appropriate treatment can be planned. Not all abnormalities lead to termination of pregnancy, some can be treated and a very few will have any effect on the growth of the baby.

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