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The Big List Of Pregnancy Tests Conducted By Top Anomaly Scan Centre In Chennai

Getting pregnant is a wonderful experience for a woman. It can be exciting and yet daunting when you have to spend more time at a hospital than usual. You are suddenly pounded with so much information and too many decisions to make. The most anxious part is to give birth to a healthy baby. It is a process that is supported by doctors. The regular doctor’s visits, the series of scans and tests will be overwhelming but it will help you determine the health of the baby.

We are a top anomaly scan center in Chennai who have immense experience in the field of diagnostics and scans. We provide excellent service with the help of well experienced and professional sonographers and doctors. There are a few common tests and screening done at various stages of pregnancy. The tests include genetic screening, first-trimester scan, second-trimester scan, ultrasound, amniocentesis, chorionic villus sampling, fetal monitoring, glucose and group B strep culture. These are tests done to provide doctors with information about the health of your body and the fetus. It will help doctors optimize prenatal care and treatment.

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A Top Anomaly Scan Centre In Chennai Explains The Significance Of Each Test

The first test that started before conception is the genetic screening that is performed to detect if the parent is a carrier of any genetic disorder that can cause serious harm to the child. Thalassemia, cystic fibrosis, Tay Sachs, sickle cell disease and more than 100 other disorders can be tested for. The CBC is another test done during early pregnancy. It tests the various factors of the blood, like the number of white and blood cells, platelet, haematocrit, and haemoglobin. If these counts are unusually low the doctors will provide further tests and treatment to resolve the issue.

We have the facility to do all the scans required throughout the pregnancy time in our diagnostic centre in Chennai. The early pregnancy tests started from the first trimester and continue till the 36th week of pregnancy. The Rh factor will help detect the protein level on your body. Most of us are Rh-positive but if the father is Rh-negative and the child inherits it, then the antibodies in the mothers immune system will attack the baby’s blood causing a condition called haemolytic anaemia. A simple vaccination in the 28th week of the pregnancy will help prevent this condition.

The first-trimester screening will include maternal blood testing and fetal ultrasound. The ultrasound scan will help identify any birth defects and any risk in pregnancy. If the results of the test are abnormal, doctors will recommend additional tests for an accurate diagnosis. The second-trimester screening will include a series of blood tests for identifying multiple. These markers will provide information about certain genetic conditions. The screening is done between the 15 and 20 weeks of pregnancy. The result can sometimes be false negative or false positive as well. No tests performed during this stage will be 100% accurate.

Other Scans And Tests During Pregnancy

Another important test is the ultrasound scan. It is a diagnostic technique that makes use of high-frequency sound waves to create images of the babies internal organs. This screening is done to determine the due date and also to see if the baby is having a normal growth rate. An ultrasound scan can be done during the first trimester, mid-trimester and third trimester. There are two types of ultrasound, abdominal and transvaginal. A 2D image will provide a flat picture while a 3D image will give a clear real-life image.

There are a series of other tests that we conduct during the pregnancy phase in our scan centre at Chennai. These tests determine mothers and child’s immunity towards various diseases like rubella, measles, and identify congenital or chromosomal abnormalities. If the maternal age is over 35, CBS testing is recommended. This will help identify chromosomal abnormalities. A diabetic test is done for around 28 weeks. Gestational diabetes is a condition that affects 2 to 5% of pregnant women where the insulin fails to break the glucose in the blood. You must discuss with your doctor to find the right tests that will determine the condition of your baby.

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