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A Detailed Study About Fetal Anomaly Done At Leading Anomaly Scan Centre In Chennai

Pregnancy is a joyous journey in the lives of women which is filled with excitement and anxiety. You are unaware about the condition of the child apart from the occasional kicks you feel inside the womb. A doctor will be able to determine the health of your baby through a series of scans. Of all the scans, a fetal anatomy scan is the most essential one. It is an ultrasound scan that is performed to take a closer and detailed look at the fetes and the womb between 18 to 21 weeks of pregnancy. An anomaly scan centre can help you with a detailed analysis of the scan.

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The purpose of the scan is to identify any defects or abnormalities in the fetus. The unborn baby can have many issues which may or may not be rectified after birth. Some issues can be life-threatening to both mother and child. Most of these issues can be identified through an anomaly scan. We are a leading anomaly scan centre in Chennai who have skilled and trained professionals to conduct scans and tests to provide the best of service for all our customers.

Essential Things You Need To Know Before You Approach An Anomaly Scan Centre In Chennai

It is an ideal situation that all pregnant women perform the scan but it is left to the mother’s decision or doctor’s ability to find out the issue which needs further analysis using the scan. In our scan centre in Chennai, an anomaly scan is done to produce both 3D and 2D images. We can also produce black and white or coloured output. You can also avail this service from a private or government hospital. A well-experienced sonographer conducts this scan. The sonographer applies a gel on top of your stomach and places a transducer that obtains images inside the womb. The transducer is moved around the stomach to obtain images from all sides of the womb. The scan will take only about half an hour of your time.

A sonographer will be able to examine all the organs of the baby and can also take measurements. The scan can verify the size and shape of the brain and head, bone alignment, and cleft lip. The scan will ascertain the proper functioning of the abdominal wall, kidneys, heart, hands, feet, placenta, amniotic fluid and abdomen. The scan can identify 98% of anencephaly, 75% of cleft lip, 60% of missing limbs, 90% spinal defects, 84% kidney issues, 95% chromosomal abnormalities and 50% of heart abnormalities.

In the majority of the cases, there are no anomalies or any suspected issues. In case of any issues, the sonographer will immediately inform the concerned doctors for further evaluation. Scans are foolproof and there will be certain issues that may go undetected. In such cases, the baby will be born with issues.

Interesting Facts About Anomaly Scans

In case of issues, the doctors may recommend other scans to identify and further evaluate the condition. Further course of action depends on the seriousness of the issue. Issues like cleft lip can be resolved after birth. But, other issues can be life-threatening or untreatable. The doctors will inform this to the mother and families. The doctors will provide information about further steps including termination of pregnancy and the time available to make a choice. Mothers choice is always respected. Identifying issues before the birth of the child will help doctors plan treatment after birth. This is extremely beneficial in case of any surgery required immediately after birth.

At our centre in Chennai, we have been performing ultrasound anomaly scans for years to monitor pregnancies. The ultrasound has been proving safe for both baby and mother. We use a minimum amount of sound waves which is based on the principles of ALARA, which is, As Low As Reasonably Achievable. We perform scans in a dimly lit scanning room which is quite so the sonographer can concentrate. You will have to lie on a couch with the upper garment raised till the top of your chest and lower garment lowered till the top of the leg. Tissue papers will be placed around to protect your clothing from the gel.

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