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Blood Test A Month Keeps Health In Check!

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June 19, 2019
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Why You Should Check Your Blood Pathology Results More Often? 

With the drastic lifestyles changes like ordering junk food from outside regularly, eating out more often, being fully engaged in a 9 to 6 desk job with little or no activity, no person can be termed healthy these days.

This is the reason why you should visit your doctor on recommendations for a regular Blood Test Pathology checkup from a renowned laboratory.

Health studies have shown a dramatic increase in the number of patients affected by heart, liver diseases, etc that shows there are no age barriers when it comes to your health.

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Know What Pathology Histology Of Your Body Reveals! 

Here are some important and basic blood tests that you need to know about before taking a blood test.

  • Complete Blood Count (CBC)

A blood count test examines the levels of various constituents of major cells in your body fluid like white blood cells, hemoglobin, red blood cells, platelets, hematocrit count, etc.

Any abnormal change from the normal range indicates any of the diseases like cancer, heart conditions, bone marrow issues,infection, tissue inflammation, etc.

  • BMP Test

The BMP or basic metabolic panel test examines for levels of specific compounds in the blood, such as calcium,blood urea nitrogen electrolytes, glucose,potassium, sodium, carbon dioxide,creatinine, chloride, etc.
You need to fast 8 hours before this particular test.

  • CMP Test

The CMP test is similar to basic metabolic test as it has similar measurements. But it has some extra measurements like proteins and other constituents belonging to liver function such as alanine aminotransferase, albumin, alkaline phosphatase, total protein, bilirubin, etc.
Taking Blood Pathology Tests can indicate abnormal levels which in turn suggest signs of the same diseases as that of BMP tests.

  • Lipid Test

Lipid test is a cholesterol level checking tests. There are 2 types of cholesterol: HDL lipoprotein which breaks down and eliminate poisonous substances from the blood and helps to break these into waste and the LDL lipoprotein which causes plaques in arteries resulting in heart diseases. Fasting eight hours is a must before the lipid test.

Other tests like Thyroid function tests that check the functionality of thyroid hormones, Sexually Transmitted Disease Test that reveals diseases like AIDS, Syphilis, Herpes, etc which has to be taken if you have multiple partners or a new partner, Coagulation tests that reveal results of how long it takes for clotting, etc can help you check any diseases beforehand.

Experience Pathology Services Only From The Best!

You should go for a health check-up if you feel any uncomfortable symptoms or drastic weight changes or you are looking out to keep your cholesterol or blood sugar levels under control. Make sure you go to a trusted laboratory that doesn’t charge additional expenses which are unnecessary. Most lab technicians make sure that you are comfortable with injections and needles while taking blood samples. If you feel unbearable pain or irritation, inform the technician immediately.

Get your routine tests done regularly after consulting the doctor. Include vitamins and avoid or reduce the intake of fatty foods etc., in your diet by consulting a nutritionist if needed. Increase your water intake and exercise regularly to keep away from major diseases.

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