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Why Do You Need A Yearly Medical Check-Up?

With the advancement of medical science, the idea to go in for periodic check-ups and scans, that are generally annual has gained tremendous ground, as a preventive measure per se. There is no denying the fact that periodic checkups go a long way in helping people nip the ailments right at the initial stages; that in turn go a long way in helping individuals enjoy a healthy and fruitful life for decades ahead. Chennai is famous worldwide for its avant-garde medical facilities. Several superlative diagnostic centers in Chennai are helping lakhs of people with their periodic check-up needs.

Reasons to Choose Yearly Medical Check-Up
There are several people who are still in two minds about the need and efficacy of annual medical check-up. Periodic checkups are a dire ‘need’, there is no doubt about; yearly or not, this fact would depend upon person to person. Rather it is the doctor in every individual case, the best person to answer the question.

Centers for master health checkup Chennai determine the frequency of tests based on the age and existing condition of the patient. If you are nearing forty, then this is a must. Most of us tend to neglect our health and avoid visiting the doctors unless we fall ill; that should not be the case. You could be following a healthy diet, exercise regularly and have no apparent medical condition that needs regular visit to the clinic. Yet for the sake of keeping fit and healthy for the remaining part of your life, you do need to visit the doctor for periodic check-ups, especially once you are pushing forty. These check- ups tell you about all the probable serious medical conditions that can hound you, and the ways you can avoid these. It is not necessary that your doctor will ask you to visit him/her every year around the same time. If all your reports are okay and they do not see any probable threat in near future, they might ask you to visit them once in two or three years too. This aspect of course solely depends upon the individual cases and the kind of tests the doctors are prescribing. Other than this, there are certain age appropriate screenings that everybody must go through, at specific ages. The doctors will brief you about the same and all you are required to do is to simply undergo these screenings. The periodic check-ups are very detailed, since they require examinations of all the body parts. Other than that, your family’s complete medical history is also taken into account. Depending upon the physical examination and family’s medical history, the doctors prescribe tests and scans.
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Off late there have been several debates going on regarding the need for ‘yearly” check- ups. Though this has been the widely followed practice, yet some discerning voices have been disputing the efficacy of such check-ups. Those voicing the need for relook into the practice; argue that even after large number of people following the routine of annual visits, there has not been any tangible decrease in the number of people falling sick. In addition, such tests make huge demands on time, effort and money. They argue that this kind of practice is hard wired in the minds of patients and doctors alike, and it might take a while before people start reframing certain aspects. This group have instead, devised a three pronged way of going about these check-ups. The first step herein would involve establishing a comfort level between the doctor and the patient. This is because the person entrusts the doctor with complete medical history of self and the family. In addition, she/he would also divulge all the details about lifestyle too.

The emphasis on the first step would be to know every relevant fact about the person rather than focusing on tests and scans. The second step includes guiding the patient about online self assessments and review of any of the preventive tests that the patient may have undergone. The third and the final step entails acceptance of the revised norms by the payers. The cost of annual check-ups is steep and if the health plans stop including these in their system; they would save a substantial amount of money.

Just like there are two sides to a coin, similar is the case of the debate of the need of ‘annual’ check-ups. Check-ups are absolutely necessary; there is no doubt about the fact but there is no denying the fact that these periodic check-ups can be reframed in better ways too. Whether or not, you need ‘annual’ checkups or check-ups that span over different time periods, is a fact that can only be answered by the doctor in every of the case.

The good news is health insurance policy holders are offered free annual medical check-up depending on their policy terms. Even otherwise, registering for annual medical check up is the best option to keep your health in check.

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