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Incredible Ways To Relieve Stress Before Visiting The Best MRI Scan Centre In Chennai

Magnetic Resonance Imaging or MRI is used by medical professionals to detect and diagnose several issues with our body. It is a safe and painless procedure that makes use of radio waves, powerful magnets and a computer system to create the images of the internal organs. The doctors use MRI scans to identify the right issue for a prevailing condition and plan a treatment procedure. Doctors can also make use of the MRI scan to find how well the patient is reacting to the treatment.

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The procedure involves lying in a bed that will be rolled inside a tube-like machine to get scanned. You will have to lie there until the scan is over. We are the best MRI scan centre Chennai who provides the latest scanning technology that can keep you comfortable and at ease. Patients experience little stress as they lie there alone waiting for the scan to be over. It can be suffocating for claustrophobic patients who may require sedation to go through the entire process.

An MRI Scan Centre In Chennai Explains Few Tips To Relieve Stress

MRI scan machine at Anserson.
MRI scan can cause a little stress and anxiety to the patients. It will do a lot of good if you can learn a lot about the procedure. At our scan centre in Chennai, we make sure that each one of you is aware of the process we follow. This will help remove fear inside them and gives them the confidence to face the scan. You can educate yourself on the scanning process, safety measures followed and the different dos and don’ts you need to follow. You will feel relieved to know that MRI scans are safe and there are so many people benefited by the scan. A proper good quality scan can be life-changing for people with serious issues.


There are several articles and videos on the internet about an MRI scan which will help you build confidence and be at peace before taking one. You can enquire if the centre has any facility that can help alleviate fear. Some scanning centres offer open MRI which is not as confining as the regular MRI scans. Features like music and movies are also available that can help you relax. At times, if it is utterly necessary, you can ask for anti-anxiety medications. This will keep you more comfortable.

You can have a friend or a family member present with you during the scan. A loved one who can see through all the little details for you will give you the warmth and security you require during the time. When you are going through a stressful experience, a loved one who can stay close by can help you stay strong and you will feel more comfortable. The intrusion and presence of a person you know will keep you calm and relaxed during the scan.

A Few More Ways To Relieve Stress During MRI Scans

Whatever said and done, people will still feel scared once they are inside the scanning machine. The stress can cause you to breathe heavily. Take control of it. You must try and regulate breathing. The technicians at our scanning centre in Chennai will give you ample advice which will help you be relaxed and be relieved of stress. Breathing techniques is one of the best ways to keep you calm. You need to take a slow, long inhale through the nose, hold the breath for a few seconds, and blow the breath through the lips as you relax the muscles of your face. This technique will force your brain to think that you are not in any danger.

As you are inside the scanning machine, close your eyes and imagine that you are in a place you like or with someone you prefer. You can sing a song or replay a movie in your head. Imagine anything that is possible to take your mind off the fear and anxiety. Meditation and daydreaming can help you be relieved from stress and anxiety. It is okay to have fear. You must remember that you are not the first one to fear an MRI scan.

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