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About the need for PET Scan test at Chennai

There are many reasons why a physician recommends PET/CT scan. Some of the clinical categories include;

Oncology - Cancer detection
  • Differentiating between benign and malignant lesion
  • Determining the cancer stage
  • Detecting the recurrence of cancer.
  • Detect seizure disorders
  • Assessing Alzheimer's disease.
  • Assess the viability of the heart tissues for bypass surgery
  • Assessment of blood flow.

PET scan is highly effective for diagnosing cancer and locating the cancerous cells. The test provides complete information on tissue metabolism that helps in planning the treatment.

PET Scan test center in Chennai – Preparing for the test

Before the test inform the radiologist on your medication and dosage. Intake of herbal supplements should be briefed at the scan center. Pregnant and breast feeding women have to inform in advance. Moreover, new mothers have to pump breast milk in advance to feed the baby till the medication is out of the body. Inform the radiologist about any prior or present illness, allergies. The instructions are given by the radiologist or the doctor prior to the test based on the illness.

Before going for the test the patient is required to remove metal items on the body as it may create a magnetic field interfering with the scan. Metal dentures, hearing aid, eyeglasses, jewelry, hairpins, safety pins, etc should be removed to provide precise images. The test is taking on a fasting and hence the patient is required not to eat anything several hours before the test. Any food in the system may change the distribution of the tracer in the body. In such cases the patient may be asked to return another day for the test. Follow the eating instructions carefully to complete the scan successfully. Sweetened drinks or aerated beverages are a strict no before the test. Though, intake of water is permitted.

PET Scan test Chennai – Test procedures and risks

The patient is asked to change into a hospital gown before entering the scan room . The radiotracer is administered intravenously or swallowed or inhaled as a gas. The dosage of radiotracer varies depending on the nuclear medicine examination. The radiologist will administer the intravenous line. The radioactive substance is put in the IV and it enters the veins. The time taken for the substance to reach the tissues is estimated to be around 30-90 minutes. During this period patient is requested to lie still. Slowly the patient is moved into the PET scanner and the imaging will be collected. For radiation treatment the patient is asked to wear a mask. The scan takes approximately half an hour. The procedure time may vary depending on the organ to scan and the special tests if any.

Once the test is done, the radiologist checks the images and once all the images are appropriate, the patient is asked to leave. The process is painless and there are no side effects. Though, the patient may feel a slight pricking sensation while administering intravenous injections. Likewise when the radiotracer moves through the veins, the patient may feel a cold sensation. People who are claustrophobic may feel anxious during the scan. The patient can resume normal activities once the scan is done. The radioactive substance in the body will subside over a period of time. It will be out in the stools during the day. Drink of plenty of water to flush the radiotracer from the body.

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