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Significance of Endoscopy in Patient Recovery

Endoscopy is performed to investigate the digestive tract of a patient. Endoscope is a tube fitted with a camera and flash light at the end to take pictures of the digestive tract. The images can be viewed live on the monitor. The Endoscope is passed through the mouth and gets into the esophagus enabling the doctors to monitor the esophagus, small intestine and stomach. Endoscope can also pass through the large intestine via the rectum to examine the intestine areas. This procedure is terms colonoscopy. Endoscopy is performed for patients suffering from gastrointestinal bleeding, difficulty in swallowing and those with neurological disorders.

Endoscopy Diagnostic Center Chennai – Preparation for the Screening

Endoscopy is a non surgical procedure, yet the preparation process is elaborate. While examining the upper part of the digestive tract, gut preparation is essential. It is simple and requires 6-8 hours of fasting prior to the test. For colon examination, the stools has to be cleared and the doctor recommends purgative the day before. Sedation is common for most procedures. Since the procedure is uncomfortable, the patient is put under sedation through a vein injection. It helps them to sleep. The patient is back to consciousness in an hour and medicinal effect may be prolonged.

The patient is made to lie on the left side and the endoscope about the thickness of your small finger is inserted into the mouth and into the esophagus, stomach and the duodenum. Since the procedure is conducted under sedation, the patients do not experience any form of pain or discomfort. In case of patients suspected with cancerous growth, the Endoscopy diagnostic center Chennai performs biopsy under endoscopy. The results are not immediate and may take some time. The results are sent to the doctor’s office once ready. The patient is advised not to drive soon after the endoscopy procedure as the after effects of sedation remains.

Endoscopy Diagnostic Center Chennai – Post Endoscopy Effects

The endoscopy test is performed under sedation and hence the patient is kept under observation by a qualified healthcare professional in the recovery room until the sedative effect subsides. Some of the rare side effects could include mild sore throat that is treated with salt water gargles, bloating feeling due to the air used under the procedure. The patient recovers within a few hours and is recommended normal diet.

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