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ECG, EEG Test at Chennai - What do these Tests Diagnose?

Electrocardiogram test is taken to test the electrical activity in the heart. It shows if the heart is functioning normally or not. ECG records the rhythm of the heart on a moving piece of graph paper and can be seen as a line on the screen. The doctors interpret the peaks and dip to evaluate the activity of the heart. The test is painless and safe and can be completed in a few minutes. It can detect cholesterol clogging, heart attack, heart enlargement and abnormal rhythms of the heart.

Electroencephalogram (EEG) is a test to measure the electrical activity of the brain. It records the brain wave patterns. EEG is taken to identify and monitor seizures. It is also used to identify other issues like sleep disorders and behavioural changes. It is used to assess the brain activity before heart or liver transplant and after a head injury.

ECG, EEG test center in Chennai – Preparation process

How should I prepare for ECG Test?

For resting ECG there is no need to prepare before the test. Though for exercise ECG you may have to wear comfortable clothing and exercise shoes. Do not take a meal or drink caffeinated drink two hours prior to the test as it can affect the rhythm of the heart. Inform the doctor about the medication you take and this includes non-prescription medicines. Do not use any body lotion before the test as the electrode may not stick properly on your skin. There is no need to fast before the test. Avoid smoking. The patient may be asked to remove jewelry and any metal objects from the neck and arm before going for the test.

How should I prepare for EEG Test?

EEG preparation for EEG test is minimal. The patient’s hair should be clean and free of oil or hair spray to facilitate the electrodes stick to the scalp properly. Stop taking medication before starting the procedure. It is recommended not to take caffeine 8 hours before the test. During EEG you can rest. The procedure normally takes place in a lab and the patient may be asked to lie down or sit on a chair. The process takes about an hour and patient can go to sleep during the test. The process is painless and the patient does not feel any shock on the scalp during the process.

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