AOGS CME, Neonatology & Obstetrics Outcome CME Held At Akluj OBG society On 28th March 2019

  • Dr. Fiona was specially invited by the AOGS President, Dr. Vandana Gandhi, Director at Akluj to present a talk on the Inborn errors of metabolism and Prenatal testing in the era of genomics.
  • Over 30 leading doctors from Akluj and nearby areas participated in this 3-hour CME which also gave specific focus on neonatal testing and care.
  • Dr. Pramila Mennon also presented a highly informative talk. She also spent her valuable time with us, discussing in detail about fetal genetic testing, PCPNDT rules about embryo biopsy and genetic counseling. She was very much interested in getting a detailed insight into our genetics portfolio.
  • Dr. Vandana was all praises for our efforts and also directed the OBG to start prescribing FTS tests for pregnant women.
  • The CME concluded on a pleasant note with felicitation followed by a delicious dinner.
  • We were able to get a few good leads for newborn screening

Dr. Vandana Gandhi, president AOGS, MAHARASTRA

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