Your Baby is Your HEART & SOUL

Nurturing this Bundle of Joy is the Best Gift You Give Yourself

Your Baby is Your HEART & SOUL

Nurturing this Bundle of Joy is the Best Gift You Give Yourself

"Early identification of deafness is as early as one day after birth”

– MERF Institute of Speech and Hearing

a) What is Hearing Loss?

Hearing Loss is a condition when one cannot hear sound on one or both ears. Hearing loss ranges from mild hearing loss to total hearing loss. Hearing loss in newborns is referred as congenital hearing loss and that which happens anytime post birth is called acquired hearing loss.

b) When to Detect?

Hearing impairments can be overcome if it is diagnosed early; hence, it is critical to get your child’s hearing screened at the earliest possible. Detection can be made as early as the day of birth. It is a quick and painless process; newborns mostly sleep through the entire process.

c) Where to Diagnose?

Newborn hearing screening requires specialised instruments that is not easily available everywhere. Special diagnostic laboratories like Anderson Diagnostics working together with Madras ENT Research Foundation (MERF) have the equipment to test newborns for hearing impairments.

Don’t Turn A Deaf Ear to Hearing Disabilities

Hearing loss continues to be the most common birth defect in India. In Tamil Nadu the overwhelming numbers show that 6 out of every 1000 kids are victims of different degrees of deafness. This is 3 times more than the national average & 6 times more than international average. In this rate, very soon Tamil Nadu could become the deafness capital of India!

Hearing Loss due to Genes


Infections during Preganancy


CMV(Congenital Cytomegalovirus ) during Pregnancy


Severity of Hearing Loss in Newborns

Mild Hearing Loss

Newborns with mild hearing loss will have difficulties in hearing distance or soft sounds. They may also experience difficulties to hear conversations if there is any background noise or if the speaker is more than 12 feet away. These babies might require slight amplification in each ear.

Severe Hearing Loss

No matter how close they are to the speaker, infants with severe hearing loss may find it difficult to hear. They might not learn to talk without the help of hearing aids but even then they might require special help as they can hear only portions of speech sounds.

Moderate Hearing Loss

Infants with moderate hearing loss can hear speech if the speaker is nearby but may require hearing aids to understand distance conversations. They may not be able to hear certain sounds in a word and may require the help of hearing aids to compensate for their impairment.

Profound Hearing Loss

A child with profound hearing loss will never be able to hear conversations at all times even if fitted with a hearing aid. They would not be able to detect even the loudest of noises without the help of any hearing device. These infants require a cochlear implant to hear conversations.

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