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What is neutralizing antibody test?

Neutralizing antibodies are critical in the fight against COVID-19 because they defend cells from infection by the virus. A virus typically produces an immune response of many antibodies that act as an army to help fight off the virus; however, only a small subset of those antibodies are capable of neutralization—blocking the virus from infecting additional cells. Those neutralizing antibodies develop either in response to natural infection or to vaccination, then subsequently bind to the virus and block infection.

To measure a vaccine’s effectiveness, it is critical to identify both
  • the presence of these neutralizing antibodies as well as
  • Quantitatively assess the likely level needed to protect against future encounters with the virus.
The antibody test will make learning this information possible as vaccines are rolled out and exposure to COVID-19 is tested against immunization and the level of immunity a vaccine provides.

FAQs For Patients/General Public/Individuals

1. What is this test and how is it useful?

This test specifically measures the neutralizing antibody against COVID-19, which tells us the vaccine’s effectiveness.

2. Should I be in fasting to give the test?

No, fasting or any other additional preparations are not required for taking the test.

3. When will the result be available?

Within 1 working day.

4. Am I Immune?

Patients should not interpret results as telling them they are immune, or have any level of immunity, from the virus.

5. What if I am vaccinated and when should I take the test?

The test can be taken after 30-45 days after the first dose of vaccine, and the test should show the presence of antibody which indicates that you have responded well to the vaccine. Minimum 30 days after 1st dose or 15 days after 2nd Dose.

6. How do I get this test done?

You can get in touch with the helpdesk 044-43539444. They will guide you to get the blood test done.

7. Can a Diabetic, Hypertensive, or person with any other related conditions take the test?

Yes. People with any condition, who has either taken the vaccine or had an earlier exposure to COVID-19 can always take this test.

8. Will the test tell me if I have already recovered from COVID-19, will it be of any use?

Yes, if you have already recovered from COVID-19, presence of this antibody indicates that you probably have protection against COVID-19.

9. Can I stop taking precautions like wearing masks and social distancing?

The FDA cautions against using the results from this test, or any serology test, as an indication that they can stop taking steps to protect themselves and others from COVID-19, such as stopping social distancing, discontinuing wearing masks or returning to work.

10. Is this a diagnostic for COVID-19?

NO, this is not a diagnostic test, only RT-PCR can confirm whether you have contracted COVID-19 or not. Serology tests cannot be used to diagnose an active infection, as they only detect antibodies that the immune system develops in response to the virus, not the virus itself.

FAQs For Doctors

1. Does the presence of Neu Ab indicate protection against COVID-19?

The presence of this antibody is a surrogate marker for protection, it does not necessarily mean that it will offer complete protection. Cell mediated immunity also plays an important role which is not estimated by this test.

2. Does appearance of antibody indicate the vaccine is effective?

The appearance of neutralising antibodies indicates humoral immunogenecity of the vaccine and does not cover the cell mediated immune response. However the protection from the vaccine is a combination of both humoral and cell mediated immunity.

3. When can this test be taken?

COVID Neu Ab begin to appear about 30-45 days post vaccination and 30 days after testing negative for COVID-19. Minimum 30 days after 1st dose or 15 days after 2nd Dose.

4. Does repeated Antibody testing help?

The current data suggests that the antibody titres are generally elevated up to 6 months after vaccination. As new data is generated, our webpage will be updated.

5. What is ECLIA based antibody detection test?

It is an immunoassay for the in vitro detection of antibodies (including IgG) to Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) in human serum and plasma. Through a blood sample, the test can detect antibodies to the coronavirus, which could signal whether a person has been already infected and potentially developed immunity to the virus.

6. Where has this test been used?

Validation trials of Covishield and the Pfizer vaccine trials have used COVID New Ab test as a marker to measure immunogenecity.
In Oxford vaccine trials the primary end point was appearance or avoidance of severe COVID symptoms confirmed by RT-PCR and not antibody testing or humoral immunogenecity. There was no secondary end point of antibody response.

7. Why is this called as a Neutralising Antibody (Neu Ab)?

The antibody has been shown to inhibit COVID-19 infection in invitro viral cell culture experiments.
After infection or vaccination, the binding strength of antibodies to antigens increases over time – a process called affinity maturation. High-affinity antibodies can elicit neutralization by recognizing and binding specific viral epitopes. In SARS-CoV-2 infection, antibodies targeting both the spike and nucleocapsid proteins, which correlate with a strong neutralizing response, are formed as early as day 9 onwards, suggesting seroconversion may lead to protection for at least a limited time.

8. Does it measure COVID IgG exclusively?

No, this test measures mixture of both Ig G and Ig M.

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